French youth: facts and fiction

 Article publié le 01-04-2009 par FRANCHINEAU Hélène

jeunesseAccording to the government, French youth are deprived, hard to employ and depressed. Peter Gumbel's "Feature Writing in English" class went to investigate.


► After the occupation of Sciences Po by 200 students, Flora Genoux reports on  university warfare.


► On 69 rue de Sèvres, a legal battle is taking place between the owner of a building facing Le Bon Marché and eight squatters. This case exemplifies the housing difficulties for students in Paris. Helene Franchineau reports.


►Paolo Bosonin looks at a controversial group that deals with the Paris housing shortage, Jeudi Noir.


Léa Khayata meets some enterprising Paris students who have talked or tricked their way into a coveted apartment in the city.


Madeline McDavid reports from the summer job fair at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie.


► Nina Drewes meets Yannick Miel, a young French graduate who sold himself on eBay.


► Lisa Pham talks with prépa students in Seine-Saint-Denis about the stigma of living in the suburbs.

► Ottavia Pesce takes a look at the French system of "classes préparatoires".


David Owen meets Afghan refugees in France.


► Isabelle Schäfer profiles a young teacher in a difficult neighborhood.


► Finally, Claire Bauchart tells us the differences between the French and the American education systems.



French Youth: Depressed or Just Living in the Moment ?

 Article publié le 01-04-2009 par MCDAVID Madeline


Long lines of students wearing hooded sweatshirts and baggy trousers form behind the booths set up by companies at the summer job fair held at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, North of Paris. Many of them come from the surrounding suburbs: they have come to find work in the capital.


By Madeline McDavid


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Tricking their way into a Paris apartment

 Article publié le 01-04-2009 par FRANCHINEAU Hélène

When Anne Charlotte Cheron, 24, and her roommate, visited the perfect apartment near Montmartre, thirty people were waiting outside for the same inspection. She realized that there was only one solution: they pretended to be a couple. "We acted as if we were a happy couple moving in together. The old lady who owned the place was moved by our fake story." The woman who owns the apartment didn't want any roommates. The ‘couple' are now living there, but as roommates.


By Léa Khayata.

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