French Youth: Depressed or Just Living in the Moment ?

 Article publié le 01-04-2009 par MCDAVID Madeline


Long lines of students wearing hooded sweatshirts and baggy trousers form behind the booths set up by companies at the summer job fair held at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, North of Paris. Many of them come from the surrounding suburbs: they have come to find work in the capital.


By Madeline McDavid


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Tricking their way into a Paris apartment

 Article publié le 01-04-2009 par FRANCHINEAU Hélène

When Anne Charlotte Cheron, 24, and her roommate, visited the perfect apartment near Montmartre, thirty people were waiting outside for the same inspection. She realized that there was only one solution: they pretended to be a couple. "We acted as if we were a happy couple moving in together. The old lady who owned the place was moved by our fake story." The woman who owns the apartment didn't want any roommates. The ‘couple' are now living there, but as roommates.


By Léa Khayata.

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Paris' Black Thursday

 Article publié le 01-04-2009 par FRANCHINEAU Hélène

Marianne, the female symbol of France, dominates the Place de la République, a common meeting point for protests in Paris. She has a Phrygian cap, a sword and a four-meter crowbar. At least she did on March 19th, when young activists from the Jeudi Noir collective climbed the Marianne statue to place the fake crowbar, made of silver duct tape, at its feet.


By Paolo Bosonin.

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